magna, utah.

the saltair is easily one of the weirdest and coolest venues in america. it's out in the middle of nowhere and sits on the beaches of the great salt lake. complete with salt flats, it kind feels like you're playing a club on mars or like the cantina in star wars or something.


  1. Rachel says

    man who films tese! whoever it is has a really good eye for filming! i was wondering though, it looks really light for a concert! 

    Rachel says

    sorry, typo! i meant these instead of tese!

    Kevin says

    Great footage, Andy! I'm lovin' the videos.

    Anonymous says

    This concert was amazing! Truly! You guys are great. Thanks for stopping by Utah. You had great energy and seemed to be so happy. It was a fun show. :) And the reason it is so light was because the sun didnt set until after they were done performing. It was pretty sweet. The venue has a bunch of windows that let the sunlight through.

    Anonymous says

    This was such an amazing concert! i loved it and you can really feel the energy in the new songs! i can't wait till hello hurricane comes out! thanks so much for everything you do! your great!