lancaster, pa.

as mentioned, there have been some new songs being played on this run of shows, so of course the guys have been 'watching the tape' so to speak. in other words, they'll go on youtube and see how they went over. technology. amazing. and hey, all the new songs have been going over really well, so that's good. rumors of a 3rd new one coming tonight ('bullet soul').

so literally in the backyard of our venue tonight is an amish farm, complete with amazing little simple machines and goats and chickens and all sorts of interesting stuff. jon posed for a picture. ha.

back at the venue there was soundcheck, dinner, the show, friends of the foot, watching this video on youtube and wishing we could do that, aftershow food, bus, hotel, sleep.

all in all it was a fun little trip complete with festivals, small rock clubs, and big theatres. on to the bro-am week craziness!


  1. Anonymous says

    so it def took me a minute to figure out it was jon's head in all 4 holes.

    "wow, jon and tim look alike... as do romey? and drew? and chad? .... ohhhhhh"


    Jackie says

    Woah! I never knew there were four Jon Foreman's!!! This is amazing!

    Can't wait to see Switchfoot in August! I is also in friends of ze foot, so it'll be sweet meeting them!

    Anonymous says

    dude! i'm loving the jon pictures with his head in the pig thing... also, the exercise ball flip is totally off the wall! i LOVE it!

    peace out, you guys. i wish i could have made this show, but i had obligations with seeing my family. come back to PA again soon!


    Rachel says

    nice pics! please come to memphis again! i loooooooved your show! 