greensboro, north carolina.

They call em "red eye's," cause you fly while the rest of the world is sleeping. "Red" cause that's the color the white portion of your eyes turn under duress and fatigue. Really, it's a great way to start the morning in North Carolina, while you've ended the day prior 3000 miles west in San Diego.

When the guys and i stumbled off our flight, we were walking mummies. The layover was 2 hours and that's plenty of time for some shut eye. Alarms are important. At Gate D 27 i found some wall space under the pay phones. I didn't see where the other guys went down. Hood up, lights out. Cell Phone Alarm buzzed me back into Atlanta at 7:20am. I glanced around the room looking for boarding and movement. absolutely no action, so i hit "snooze." 7:43, i crawled out of a desperate coma into silence. No one was around me. I grabbed my bags and staggered to the gate to find a flight representative watching my eyes struggle for composure. I slid the boarding pass her way, like a high roller strolling an ace in a game of poker. She returned my glance dumbfounded, "Are you Robert Anderson?" I gave a quick nod. "We paged you 5 times....YOUR FLIGHT HAS LEFT."

The show was epic for me tonight. Exciting, because i arrived 3 hours late after sleeping through a flight change and airport pages... and i made it. Basically, Jon, Chad and Drew stumbled off the plane in Greensboro to find me back in Atlanta. Epic, cause Jon's been carting around 2 homemade lap-steel guitars and firing up power tools while sporting a Fedora. I can't believe i slept through a boarding flight.

i had fun with Taylor's camera tonight. hope you dig and glad that i finally made it!

the tim sessions,


  1. pam b from sc says

    That's hilarious, Bobby. You got writing skills, ya know?

    You did such a great job keeping us informed and for that I say "Thank you!"

    Looks like it was an awesome tour & my hearts aches because I had to miss it this time.

    Merry Christmas to all of you and your precious families!

    Lori says

    I second what pam b wrote - you have done an outstanding job of taking us along on the tour and standing in for Andy. Maybe secretly tie yourself to one of the guys at the airport so you don't miss the flight home,haha.

    We missed you Andy B!

    To SF and crew - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    ARBC Youth says

    Pam should have gone with me to the charlotte show. next time, we're making that happen.

    bobby, kudos on the write ups...i love your transparency and your sense of awe at it all...

    and home-made lap steel? I got chills just thinking about it.


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