fairfax, virginia.

A special thanks to George Mason University for the use of their fitness center. Apparently, if you look collegiate and ready for a sweat, they don't ask for any credentials. That's good, cause we didn't have any and also didn't meet any of the above criteria.

Drew was particularly energized tonight... no moon walking, but he definitely utilized the stage space. Everyone's been really kind about making sure that i'm not sleeping through anything important. Thanks dudes!

Due to 3 Doors Down's military contingent, we've had the chance to meet many respectable soldiers just coming home and others just shipping out. It's the kind of servitude that demands much appreciation and reflection. While everyone's crawling over items to consume, wrap and gift . . . soldiers are leaving home with the goal of our greater good. I've been enjoying Jon's rant before American Dream, and find it to be stimulating regarding the skeletal structure of America... what's really important and worth dying for?

I'm inspired by these kinds of things. Hero's that stand up for others with a sword, and those that fight with shovels and barrels of water, with the hopes of providing some community with fresh water. Check out these website if you're feeling caffeinated, crafty and ready to get involved from the citizen seats.!


go packers!


  1. Anonymous says

    Great Post Bobby...

    stephen knuth says

    I too decided to adopt a world vision child for Christmas. His name is viktor from Indonesia.

    angelica says

    go packers?? go packers?!?!
    how could you end an inspiring post with such a combination of words?!

    i think what you meant was, go vikings.

    oh p.s. i still owe you one. thanks, dude.

    Christina says

    Packers!! :D

    love the pic of tim :D

    My brother has a world vision child. its such a great way to help out :)

    Santa Hat Lisa says

    Santa Hat women(Lisa) says hi!!! Thanks for the awsome concert. :)
    Just the fact that Jon mentioned Chrismas when no one else did touched me? Thanks for the everlasting SPIRITUAL impression.

    GOD Love and Bless you all,
    New Footie,
    Santa Hat Lisa