cincinnati, ohio.

There's a thick river outback, dividing and conquering farm lands; ultimately creating the border between Ohio and Kentucky. Dark skies mirrored in the chilly currents say, "stay inside, HACE FRIO!" translation: "it's cold!" Put yo hood up!

Taylor lent me his camera tonight, so i crept in the shadows dreaming i was andy barron, which is much better than the dream i had the other night where i kept waking up on a long flight in the laps of random people. yikes!

Cheers to Marcus, who came to the show armed with Fiction Family post cards ready for a bit of hustle for the cause. We had a good talk about being new parents and fatherhood.

Here are a few pictures. once again, bobby = amateur hour.

Cinci love,


  1. Marcus says

    Hey Bobby,

    It was my pleasure promoting Jon's upcoming Fiction Family gig. I also want to thank you and the guys for the conversations we had last night. Pretty awesome! I look forward to the tours ahead when we can meet up again.

    Take care of yourself on the tour. Hopefully the south is a bit warmer than Cincy!


    Brock says

    Hey guys. Thanks for the tour updates! I love your sense of humour, Bobby.