charlotte, north carolina.

There was a dude in the front row pumping a homemade sign that said something to the effect of, "pull me on stage and give me a cowbell!" I couldn't gather the script exactly from my vantage point, so i'm just going by what happened. More cowbell, Shannon!

Productivity...seemed like some songs were a flowin' today as well as developing biceps. There's this contraption called, "The perfect push-up" that's been making the rounds and doing some rounding... i am so sore! pushups = accelerated song writing. and i guess merching...

I woke up ecstatic. In the 3 day stretch between Hampton VA, and Greensboro NC, i'm flying home to see my wife and daughter. YES!

ok, here are some more photos i gathered.


  1. Tterzek says

    Dude!, gotta say I was a little disappointed not to see a picture of my boy Cowbell on stage. And by the way the sign said quote "My name is Cowbell, let me on stage"... I would know cause I drew it haha. Loved the concert and can't wait to see my next one.



    Anonymous says

    aww, the beehive fam.

    thanks for the update, bobby!

    Christina says

    hope you have fun with the fam =3

    goodnightpunk says

    Sounds awesome Bobby!

    Glad you're able to go see the family and all.


    Anonymous says

    just out of curiosity, what happened to andy? i never heard...

    Emily Makar says

    fun show! a ton of switchfoot fans got in the front.

    great pics. and the cowbell guys were funny.

    Jordan A. says

    Dude, I have some of those perfect pushup things. I got them for free from a friend. A while after I got them I saw a commercial on the tube for them and the guy in the commercial was ripped. Those things haven't given me those results yet... let us know if you end up with a six-pack. Cheers..

    Qbranch says

    Cowbell is the man.
    He was obviously in shock that the sign worked but I have never laughed that hard in my life.