raleigh, north carolina.

i'm not gonna lie, today was a pretty standard tour day. this tour has the tendency to meld into one show in your mind because all of the venues are pretty much the same and like half of them are "some-sort-of-wireless-company amphitheater".

well, thats true until showtime. then you guys (the crowd) totally come and make the place light up. it's awesome. so awesome in fact, that we had a sighting in the crowd tonight of the singer michael mcdonald. we were all having fun with it until we realized it wasn't him but just some dude with white hair and a white beard. oh well.

tonight's show was legit. new pedals were being tried out, new jumps and moves on stage were even thrown in there, and they all worked. pretty much anything jerome does on stage is awesome. legit.


  1. sean says

    We were there and had a great time. We missed meeting the band at "friends of the foot" because we love third day and didn't want to miss them! We hung out with them after the show. Maybe next time we can hang out with you guys! :-)

    I posted a couple of pictures here:


    pam b from sc says

    Loved every minute of it! Met Drew, loved it! Missed Jonathan by a millisecond, loved it anyway!

    We got blessed!

    WiW3 says

    What new pedals are being used??

    rachel says

    yay! so glad this is finally up!
    i drove for two days to get to that show. it was sooooooo worth it! can't wait to see you guys again!

    Anonymous says

    This concert was amazing. You guys, along with Third Day, blessed me. I can't wait til the new CD comes out and I hope it blesses others too. Thanks for being so awesome guys. :]