birmingham, alabama.

as most days on tour should start, today began (and eventually ended) with getting chick-fil-a. only recently has this establishment come to southern california, and let me say, we are the better for it. chick-fil-a is awesome.

the show tonight was fun. jon broke tradition and hopped out into the crowd a few times tonight, which is always fun. it also was fun seeing his big mug up on the big walls in the back of the stage. if you haven't noticed yet on this tour, the stage is kinda crazy with lights and screens and whatnot. it makes for good times. nay, great times.


  1. fedoraT says

    ahhh, i so wish i could go to a show. ohwell, there's always next year.

    and yes, chick-fil-a is definitely awesome :D

    Lee says

    dude. i ate chick-fil-a thursday too. sweet. but it was after a race so... i wasn't hungry. heh. you don't care. anyway, love the pictures!!! greatness.

    Marza says

    Chick-fil-a is always good!! and the foot is awesome! my friends and I went to the recent concert in GA which was two days after this post i was so psyched b/c the foot is my favorite band and jon foreman gave me and my friend a high five and gerome threw a guitar pick to him too we went all spaz and that was just awesome... rock for god!

    Lauren says

    Chick-fil-a rocks!! as does Switchfoot :)

    Anonymous says

    switchfoot rocks!!! i love your music!!!!!!!!!

    Marza says