w. palm beach, florida.

so yeah, today is for sure the biggest show of the tour. this venue is the same place where we will be coming back on the music builds tour in the fall. its a big shed, and it's pretty awesome. i could get used to this whole 'outdoor show' thing.

florida's own 'between the trees' opened tonight due to the fact that a couple of the guys in athlete had to fly home. they will be greatly missed. great guys and a great band.

tonight was pretty awesome. big crowds can sometimes be daunting, but if there were ever a band to handle it, this is the one. they put on an awesome show as usual, and being a bigger show, it meant jon had an even bigger playground to go run around in.

if the fall is anything like tonight, get ready. it'll be insane.


  1. Sarah says

    whoa, andy! great pictures!!!

    *folds hands and waits patiently for may 1 daily foot*

    Nicole says

    wow i didn't realize how huge that crowd was. i was in the front row. awesome show!

    Sarah says

    nicole, you're ALWAYS in the front row. ;)

    hey, andy.... can you get up the May 1 stuff in 24 days? kuz in 24 days my photoshop trial runs out. :D

    Darlene says

    That was an awesome show. The guys are so excellent live. I was super excited to see Between The Trees there also. Amazing band. I'm going to be there for the Music Builds tour also.

    sam says

    The show was AWESOME! I'm going to probably go to the Music Builds tour. That was my first concert and I couldn't be any happier.

    Jonatan says

    this has to have been THE bestest concert in the history of best conerts.

    wow, you guys rok, hopefully i can meet you guys sumday