charlottesville, virginia.

after we had a marathon drive from southern florida up to virginia, we arrived at probably one of the cooler venues we've been at in awhile. it is this awesome outdoor pavilion type place that really is beautiful.

the show tonight was pretty amazing. one of the highlights was when a new friend named anne marie came out and played violin up on stage with the guys. i think this is the first time i've ever used the word 'shred' when describing a violinist. she was legit. i didn't get a good picture of her up playing with the guys but i'm sure she'll pop up in another daily foot somewhere (hint).

there were many friends in town, so after the show we cruised downtown charlottesville a bit and had some dinner, then it was back on the bus and off to the next show.

oh yeah, and there was a deer on stage. ?


  1. Sophie says

    Great photos, thank you very much Andy!
    That show was a lot of fun :)
    To quote Drew, it was my "6th and sickest." Haha. Anywayyy, thank yo very much!

    Susieq3c says

    What a happy Chad! And somebody's posted an APB for that deer...I'm thinking it looks eerily similar to the one at Murray Hill. Hmmm...

    Nikki says

    That deer made my day.

    Lauren says

    This was such a great show! My friend & I drove a long way to see it, but it was my birthday weekend & it was soo worth it! Thanks to all involved for making it awesome!

    desiree says

    What's with deer these few days?

    Anonymous says


    *is blown away at the excellent pictures*

    becca says

    the deer,
    i think its fantastic, along with everyone in this band.
    i love the photos, and these little updates are perfect for a random person like me.


    thanks andy!

    Grace says

    I think we have a mystery on our hands. ( I'm talking about the deer. It's too random)