san jose, california.

last time we were playing in the room it was with relient k, and there was a sweet christmas carnival going on in the park across the street. there's definitely an excitement being back in california, even though we're in the northern part. the show tonight went great, and then in that same park where the carnival was last time, jon did an acoustic show after the set. back home for a few days!


  1. Rachel says

    WOW!!! That is a HUGE dressing room. Sorry, I just had to say that! But seriously, y'all are so cool, I am a huge fan!!! Hope to meet you sometime! God bless! 

    ben j. says

    dude. cool videos. and songs.

    Rachel says

    yo! when's the next daily foot cumin out? love you guys!

    Anonymous says

    Woooo! I was at that concert it was awesome!!!! I had so much fun!!! You guys rock so hard. God Bless you, your music has helped me through the worst parts of my life.

    Jodi says

    This was by far one of the best concerts I've ever been too...thanks guys for sharing your talents with us & Jon for the aftershow, it's was awesome! Come back up this way and see us soon!