des moines, iowa.

today was a kind of last minute addition to the tour schedule, but man, i'm glad we added it because it sure was fun! downtown des moines is a pretty happening little area. everyone was out wandering around today and jon found a sweet coffee shop just down the street. the show tonight was in a nice small rock club, so those are always fun. hearing the new 'hello hurricane' songs live has been pretty great also. knowing the amount of work the guys have put into this one, it's so good to finally see them coming to fruition in the live setting. after the show, jon took over the aforementioned coffee shop and had a little aftershow. 'vice verses' is probably one of my favorite songs jon has ever written. amazing.


  1. ConcreteGirl says

    This was an amazing show. I really liked the new shows they played, and can't wait for Hello Hurricane and Vice Verses to come out. I wish I could have gone to the after show, but the small venue of the concert itself was pretty sweet.

    Amber Marie says

    I second that Andy! 'Vice Verses' is amazing! The aftershow was the neatest experience I've had. And of course...we'll always remember the "bubbles" downtown Des Moines:)

    Q says

    Fantastic show. The new songs blended well with the songs from other albums. I loved the genuine joy all the guys had in their performing. Come back soon!

    Anonymous says

    i love "vice verses" too. but i gotta tell ya, "yet" is my fav!!!

    Rachel says

    WOW!!! I absolutely love switchfoot!!!!! y'all's jumps from the drums are AWESOME! please come to memphis again! the last time you were here in july, you "retired" the oh, gravity! guitar and, lemme say, that was something i will ever forget! when you started to break it, jon, my friend was like nooooo! cause he love's guitars. anyways, great podcast, great band, and great videos andy! i love you guys! God bless! 