santa jon. hard at work.


  1. Switchnina says
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    Switchnina says

    Hi guys! I'm Braziliam

    >>>bem, eu também tenho um blog chamado Music builds:

    se alguém puder visita-lo iria ser bem legal.

    P.s.: eu queria muito saber o que o Jon está fazendo na foto acima!!!!

    Very thanks.

    Mellie says

    I knew it! Jon is actually Santa Claus.
    Beneath that fedora, he's been hiding his santa hat all along...Which also explains his mega jumping skills. He actually jumps up and down chimneys, and he jumps off roofs into his awaiting sleigh.

    And I bet Tim's one of his elves. XD

    Merry Christmas guys!

    Laurel says

    "i'd like to thank my new friend santa claus-- er...mrs. claus!"

    MusicGal says

    lol I think you're right Mellie! Now we just need to convince Jon to say "ho ho ho," and we'll know for sure. ;)

    Can I please have jon's fedora for Christmas? please? :D Sorry, it's awesome.

    HogieWan says

    That is a beautiful picture - Jon Foreman taking a soldering iron to a guitar.
    I may make a poster of this. Bobby, were there any other pictures like this one?