pikeville, kentucky.

Ghost Riding the Whip.

Taylor captured some cool shots from tonight's show. He's a double-fister: manipulating lights with one hand and capturing moments with the other.

After the show, Drew and i drove 6 hours in a rental car across the state of Kentucky. During traffic, he taught me how to "ghost ride the whip." which essentially means, "walkin' you car while it's in drive coastin'/ steerin' through the open door." i guess it's like taking your dog for a walk.

On a sad note, there was a horrific reck which created stand-still traffic for 2 solid hours on Kentucky's back roads. We heard that a lot lives were stolen in a 10 car pile-up. It's just one more reminder that life is precious. savour the flavor...



  1. rose says

    i've never tried to ghost ride the whip. iiiinteresting.

    thanks for keeping us up to speed, bobby. you should stay around. - are you going to be merching the next tour?

    Luke S says

    Pull up jump out, all in one motion. Dancin' on the hood while the car's still rollin'