hampton, virginia.

I better make this quick. i'm home now and at any point a 7 month old chica is gonna wake lookin' to rumble. San Diego...!

Here are some pic's from the show in Hampton. Thanks again Taylor for letting me use your stuff. Don't worry, Barron will be back for the next tour. We miss him and i know he misses you.

The boys played "Home" tonight after a few nights of flirting with the idea. I think it was Cincy where i actually dashed on stage in a last second audible to add it on and cross American Dream off the list. I'm pretty sure in the rush it got placed in a different spot on each set list. Realizing my error, i jumped back on stage to ninja it correctly. Jon, check. Tim, check. Lights off, walk-on music,... duck, slide, roll...leaving Romey and Drew guessing on where and when. Sabotage. I should've finished my CIA training...

however, now my neck is freshly shorn,


  1. Kevin says

    Nice work with the set-lists, Bobby. That's hilarious! You've done great things with the Daily Foot. Thanks for stepping in while Andy was away.

    Jordan A. says

    Home? As in home from "The Legend of Chin?" Dude, you guys are flipping awesome.

    Mandy says

    FYI, he means "This is Home", I was there. But sweet move on the set lists Bobby!