winston-salem, north carolina.

tonight's crowd was pretty awesome. it was big, but they were all still into it. for the second night in a row, during 'awakening', everyone was jumping around like crazy. super fun.

we set up a camera at the soundboard so that the guys could watch the lights because if you think about it, the guys in the band never get to see the lights. i know, weird, right? but ya, the show looks amazing. you guys seriously need to come check it out if you haven't yet.

also, on the tape, we all laughed when a certain person on our crew was running across stage and fell down in front of the drum riser while grabbing something. it might be the person typing this, or it might not be.

later on in the night, jon played a little aftershow show across the street. it went real well and apparently was one of the bigger ones he's played in awhile. sweet.


  1. Chase says

    This show was AMAZING!!!!

    Anonymous says

    I would love to check out the show/tour but this is the first SF tour in the past few years to skip Arizona. :(

    Anonymous says

    Andy....I hope you didn't hurt yourself...if you fell down! And SWF should be coming back to Spokane on this tour! Until I can see them agian! Michele

    Anonymous says

    So the aftershow was incredible. (i'm so lucky I live in town to set it up!)
    and the rope thing during 'On Fire' was amazing.
    Oh mannn. How we love the foot :]

    Sophie says

    Haha are you okay Andy?
    Sweet photos. You seem to get the best pictures of Tim jumping. Way cool. Can't wait for Baltimore!

    ohgravitysonfire says

    hehe i know the person who signed in as anonymous.

    ZOMG THIS SHOW WAS AH-MAE-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it was my 2nd switchfoot show and it was like 3 times better than the first *and the first was amazing cuz i met all the guys*

    it was pretty rad when jon saw my signs and pointed at them :)

    Emily Makar says

    Definitely a great show. I loved every minute of it. Nice shots, Barron! ...I so missed you falling. haha.

    The after show was such a treat too! Jon was great to play all of those songs for us. FUN stuff.

    Nikki says

    ah man andy, you pretty much just made my day xD
    ...of course, I hope you're alright =(

    Jesse says

    i saw you fall andy!! you kept walking by me and i would go "hey andy!" and i guess you couldn't hear me. anyway, the show rocked pretty hard....

    Anonymous says

    Hey Andy,

    hope your boo-boo gets better!!


    Job says

    hi andy's dad!?!

    n/e ways, u should put the light show on the podcast Andy! Thanks again!

    dont fall next time! haha

    Danny Boguer says

    haha andy i saw you at one point and i yelled your name but relient k was just about to go on. I yelled ANDY!!!! and then the lights went out and everyone screamed and I figured you would never hear me. My friends and I were sitting in the last row on the floor and i thought that little Matt Thiessen not allowed FOH sign was hilarious. I was RIGHT in front of the sound board. So you probably see us in the tape haha. The aftershow was GREAT. I loved everything. Thanks to you andy, relient k, ruth and switchfoot and everyone involved for making my 18th birthday ROCK so hard!

    Emily says

    Andy I know you loved how me and Michelle yelled out "Yeah Andy!" two nights in a row while you were testing Drew's guitar out just before they played.

    Jenni says

    yeah, that was definatley the best concert ever!! i think i saw jon walking across the road to go to the pawn shop before the show. i couldve been dreaming though. hah.

    Anonymous says

    Hey, I know this is looooong time coming cause I went to this concert last year but it was DA BOMB!!!! Oh and I was the kid that was asking you(Andy) if that was the podcast you were setting up and you were like uhhh maybe...but nvm show was off the chain esp. the part when andy fell j/k!!