merrillville, indiana.

day off = happy actual birthday jon. he got this sweet book with amazing photography in it, so we were all admiring it.

the days we spent in merrillville were both very relaxing and very stressful. the calls home both comforting and worrisome. of course the fires were on everyone's minds, but everyone is safe, and the tour must go on, so on it went.

with all that said, tonight's show was pretty great. also, the sunset leading up to it was probably one of the most beautiful ones i have ever seen. back inside, certain songs definitely had a bit of added meaning, especially when jon threw in 'sorrow' for the 1st encore song. from stage he said that it brought him a bit of closure to worrying about all the problems going on at home.

let's hope we have some actual closure to it all soon.


  1. Jessica says


    Louisa says

    Happy birthday Jonathan :D
    We're definitely praying for all of you and your families about the fire.

    Emily Makar says

    That second photo IS beautiful. And I can always go for seeing a huge sign lit up with Switchfoot.

    ben jones says

    I was watching the sunset before the concert, too... after almost running over poor Tim. Glad he's still alive.

    Gabby says

    Beautiful photographs as usual, Andy! :)

    I'm glad your guys' families are okay. It's been really scary down here in 'Diego. A lotta houses were destroyed. This week has been a very, very sorrowful one. I can imagine Jon playing Sorrow; it must've really fit the mood.


    lydz..... says

    ummmm...yeah, closure!
    amazing pictures! i think that sunset is soo b-e-a-utifull!!!
    that is kinda sad that jon has to worry about his family back @ home on his b-day...but, their all fine, which is an amswer to prayer
    can't wait t see ya'll SOOOON!

    Angela says

    Everything starts with an idea, right?

    I have an idea on how to help with the CA fires. For all the Switchfoot fans or anyone interested in getting involved, check it out. It’s going to take a lot of work to make it a reality.

    jessica says

    the sunset was very beautiful... and the show was amazing. jon playing sorrow at the end was so heartfelt and perfect. it almost made me cry because it's so hard to think that while we're hanging out here at a show your families are in SD with the fires. really an eye opener. hopefully the closure comes. love to the band.
    i didn't even think about it while waiting outside for the band that it might make a difference that they were worrying about their families and whatnot. that puts in a whole different light that they didn't come out before security kicked us out. either way it was okay, but i'm much more heartened and humbled now that i think about it.

    Felicity says

    well it seems i'm not the first but i bet i won't be the last either...
    happy birthday jon!!
    if you guys would want to hit up the vancouver/abbotsford area, i wouldn't stop you!
    my dad won't take my sister and friends and i to the everett concert and we are sooo bummed.
    that would be the ultimate christmas gift!! haha

    Lisa says

    I noticed the awesome sky as we were driving to the show that night, too. Such a beautiful sunset in Northwest Indiana...who knew it could be, huh? The show was great, and sadly, when Jon spoke about the fires, that was the first I'd heard of it. I had that kind of week.
    The show was great, and Jon climbing into the seats caused waves of excitement that people are still talking about. I do regret to tell you that my 8 year old slept though your whole set. 9:00 is her bedtime, and after RelientK left the stage, she konked right out! I even had a tough time getting her up after the show was over. Pretty amazing if you ask me. How anyone could sleep through your show is beyond me. Thanks for keeping on with what God's called you to do at this time, even though things are tough right now. That is one of those things that will speak to the world of God's grace and mercy without preaching at them.

    Robert says

    Hey Andy-the Wed. night show was not Merrillville,IN. That was Tuesday, Oct. 23rd I believe. I was at the show Wed. night and it was in Evansville, IN. I would like to see some pictures from that show. We got to go backstage after the show and meet the guys. They couldn't have been more gracious. The whole night was totally over-the-top, glorious rock n' roll and Switchfoot seems to have gotten better recently, if that's possible. Great show, good times, stayin' classy!!!! Drew, Chad, Jerome, and Tim often get overlooked which is a shame because, as wonderful as Jon is, they aren't the same band if you take one piece out of this puzzle. Kudos to all!