Tulsa, Oklahoma.

today was not nearly as early as yesterday, but still early enough to get up and head over to the local tulsa morning tv show for a brief appearance about the show tonight. it was all worth it for some sweet balloon animals from this clown and the chance to take a couple shots behind the news desk. don't be surprised if there were some anchorman jokes thrown around. it's kinda hard not to in this setting.

so we finally get to the fair, and sad to say, this is our last fair for the summer. seeing all the assorted animals and various deep fried foods and freaky rides is always fun.

the guys were workin on tracking some stuff today. i'm not sure if i'm at liberty to divulge the information of what it's for, but it sounded good. just know that. we all then watched some baseball and then it was showtime.

the show tonight was super good. everyone was smiling and laughing through the whole thing. the crowd was also pretty into it, which is always fun. the fair is also such a cool backdrop for a show, with all the flashing colored lights and whatnot, even one that kept flashing 'foot' off in the distance. apparently there's some sort of foot ride? huh.

oh well. the appetite for construction is coming. be ready. peace out!


  1. Philemon Thomas says

    test post.

    LyDz..... says

    haha LOVE^ the test post...best post ever!
    this is an awsome thing now that we can comment on the Foot(s).....since it IS an amazing part of this AMAZING site

    Natalie says

    Darn. I knew I should have taped Good Day Tulsa! haha Oh well. That show was awesome! Thanks so much Andy!